Portfolio Collections of Images showing diverse ability to capture comosition and tone

I so much enjoy taking Photographs and creating images of many types and genre, the pleasure and enjoyment felt by the viewer is reward enough and feedback is my fuel. I still occasionally produce 360x180 degree images for Environment Maps and Virtual Tours. My intention is to continue to create VT's of places we visit on our travels.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss any of the images you see here or my Social Media Pages. I'm allways keen to help and pass on advice and experience.

It can not be emphasised more, please do enjoy the images, after all thats what photography is for...

You'll see from the images, I've been spending some time travelling to and from Southern Spain. in order to keep up with the volume of images I seem to be producing, I have launched a new site which brings together Photographic and CGI portfolios to enjoy all in one place. Feel free to visit the new site Digital Visual , don't forget to let me know what you think. This is however a constant work in progress so some functionality may be a little clunky. I hope you enjoy it, because after all, that is why I do it...

Images of people poses in a studio and candid lifestyle.
Stunning images of places of interest and natural beauty, around the world the worl
Scenes past and more recent recording my Travels
Specialist HD Equirectangular Images for Virtual Tours and more
Images created with a more commercial feel
Images of National and International Events.

The other Genres of Imagery that draw most attention and 'Likes' on Social Media are Animal Imagery and Street Photography. For me thie animals mainly consist of Dogs as this is another life long love, I call this collection 'Pet Pics'. Most places I go I take the camera so the STreet photgraphy covers all sorts of stuff including candid shots of folk just doing what they do. I hope you enjoy them all...

A selection of images taken from 'Pet Pics' commissions.   Street Photography   

Still can't quite see what you are looking for or need some advice? Give me a call and I'll see if I can help. I hope you enjoy what you see and remember these gallaries are constantly being up dated so come back soon...

Oh yes one last thing, you can usually find the most up to date images on my social media pages, the links are at the bottom of the page so once again, pease visit, follow, like and share to your hearts content. Enjoy!!

Thank You